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Joao Batista (1963) was born in Mozambique, lives in Aveiro (Portugal), and teaches at the University of Aveiro, where he received his doctoral degree of Information and Communication in Digital Platforms.

He has developed artistic and creative activity since 2004. He uses artistic creation to discuss the idea of knowledge relativity associated with the different perspectives each object, event or concept can be observed, perceived, or communicated, i.e. he tries to discuss the idea that the essence of knowledge can never be attained, and thus we always need to seek more points of view, connections and other contributions which allow us to get closer to that essence.

He seeks to obtain levels of abstraction which allow releasing the essence of knowledge from what is ancillary. He uses photography and painting as forms of expression. Regarding photography, he uses blur technique, black and white, and creation of sequences. Concerning painting, he creates abstract images and explores color, line, and very frequently texture, which enables him to add another layer.

He has exhibited individually since 2009. For more details, please visit the CV page.

Joao Batista

Aveiro, Portugal

+351 96 30 63 447

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  • Joao Batista: The Art Side
  • Flickr: Joao Batista

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